Weather is happening!

Look! It looks like rain!

I know these rain clouds are probably something those of you back in Illinois would rather not see. I feel for you, I really do! But if you know me at all, I get really excited about weather. So when I got an alert on my phone for rain and looked outside to see this sight, I might have freaked out just a little.

I’m happily staring out the window as I write this, enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the rumbles of thunder for the first time in a month. While you poor souls back home have been rounding up animals for the ark, I’ve had (I think) exactly two short sprinkles of rain before today! I love the sun, but there’s nothing like a rumbly afternoon thunderstorm to make you feel cozy inside.

Now excuse me while I go tell people that they should probably get out of the swimming pool!

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